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The Viral Conundrum

The COVID-19 event has brought a new awareness to many people about the fields of epidemiology and virology which most of us have largely assumed to be unproblematic examples of sound science with which we have had little cause or standing to debate the ‘experts’.

However, if the past three years has taught us anything it is that vastly too much of what we have been told by politicians and ‘experts’ has turned out to be false and, in many cases, deliberately deceptive. The draconian measures many governments instituted in a largely vain attempt to control spread of the purported SARS-COV2 virus have been widely discredited as being ineffective and lacking scientific evidence or justification—including lockdowns, face masks and social distancing.

Fundamental to the entire covid-19 narrative is the assertion that there is such a thing as a virus and that this virus has been isolated and characterised as the purported SARS-COV2. But, what is the evidence for this assertion and do viruses even exist?

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Vaccine hesitant or justified skeptic?

The following comments were originally posted on an article “Morrison’s over-hyping of vaccine delivery” by Jack Waterford. The comment was removed by the moderator under the justification of “spam”. The text has been amended for clarity and few points have been added in response to some helpful comments by a social media contact.

It is disappointing to see the easy dismissal of the opinions and views of a group of people that the author admits is now “perhaps a quarter of the population”. To blithely assume that such a vast number of people have no foundation for their skepticism and opposition to vaccines is arrogant in the extreme.

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