Why I’m not vaccine hesitant

It is now plainly evident that the world is undergoing a horrifying descent into near universal totalitarian techno fascism driven by the agenda of an elite group of extremely wealthy individuals who have managed to engineer control over key global institutions and key governmental leaders. This program has been well documented in works published by the likes of The Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum led by Klaus Schwab. 

Quite early on in the covid pandemic, it was obvious that many aspects of the official account were engineered frauds: from the imposition of face masks in spite of 30 years of scientific evidence that these provided little to no protection from respiratory disease; through the inappropriate use of PCR to determine ‘cases’; through the bizarre definitions of death by covid to include any death within 60 days of a positive PCR test; through the massacre of elderly people in aged care facilities using DNRs and denial of life saving medications and use of drugs like midazolam; through the suppression of proven remedies to viral disease and fraudulent ‘studies’ of at least one of these drugs that was engineered to kill people; through the streamlined authorisation of untested genetic treatments without proper testing and with trials designed to succeed—which were subsequently invalidated by un-blinding and destruction of the control groups. 

I had always been a believer in science as a force for the betterment of man and that, by the efforts of dedicated scientists, one day we would live extremely long lives with technology as a key enabler in some sort of universal coming of age for humanity. Likewise, I had been a big believer in climate change science and a somewhat uncritical supporter of vaccines so that I availed myself of annual flu vaccinations and a few others when the family vacationed in Vietnam several years ago. However, the covid era has definitely turned all of that on its head. The intense propaganda campaign and succession of official pronouncements by biased and invested ‘experts’ has opened my eyes to the fact that much of what I thought about ‘settled’ science and official accounts of the world is in fact an illusion or—more accurately—a carefully crafted version of reality engineered to suit the personal pecuniary and power interests of the crafters. It is now obvious that much of what millions other people have believed about world has turned out to be a lie and that the whole covid pandemic was perhaps the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on humanity.

As events have proceeded through 2020 and into 2021, the evidence of official fraud and malfeasance has only mounted to the extent that many whistleblowers are now coming forward from organisations like Pfizer, the FDA and CDC that support the suspicions and accusations many critics had made of crooked dealings in respect of the science and the official numbers. This has been combined with much work by independent  analysts—such as Ivor Cummins—that has proven that no pandemic has occurred and in spite of the horrifying official numbers, the overall deaths in almost every country across the world has been no worse than any other year in the last 20 years. Naturally, these whistleblowers and independent researchers, bloggers and journalists have com under intense attacks from the traditional media and official spokes people fronting the narrative. A great many have been expunged from mainstream discourse and actively censored on the main social media platforms. To my mind, the intense campaigns of obviously coordinated censorship and demonisation of critics that has been embarked upon via big tech and the media is powerful evidence of the weakness (fraudulence) of the official narrative.  

Indeed, as many independent researchers have dug into the science behind much of the pandemic narrative, it has become obvious that not only is ‘the science’ not settled on ever-so-many issues and that very many issues held to be unquestionable fact are either highly contested, poorly supported by dodgy research methods, subject to scientific group think or just downright fraudulent. At the extreme of this, there is well documented evidence that pharmaceutical companies have for some decades been actively engaged in skewing research articles in highly respected journals by arranging research papers favourable to their products professionally ghost written and then signed by a paid lead ‘author’ and co-authored by a list of other academics who had nothing to do with the purported research. Apart from the strident calls to ‘trust the science’, which makes science a matter of faith and a religion (Scientism), this rot at the heart of the scientific enterprise now brings into question so much more of what we purport to ‘know’ about the world. Each new revelation of flaws and fraud in the scientific academy begs the question as to what else we might been presented and accepted as unquestioned truth may not actually be so—maybe more on this in a future blog post.

This level of intense censorship and attacks on critics, when added to my reading of the history of Bolshevism in the USSR, the rise of Nazi Germany and Zionism, inclines me to think that humanity has failed to learn from history. Indeed, it is somewhat obvious that the same forces that gave rise to those events remain key drivers of current day events—albeit through an intellectual thread of ideas and an inter- generational chain of control or custody. When combined with my academic studies of social psychology and NLP and my reading of others in the field—such as Piers Robinson, Co-Director of the Organisation for Propaganda Studies, convenor of the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media and associated researcher with the Working Group on Propaganda and the 9/11 Global ‘War on Terror’—I am very confident in being able to say that the populations of many countries across the world have been subject to an intense campaign of scientifically engineered psychological programming and abuse—particularly, those of UK, Australia, NZ and Canada. 

Through this psychological and social conditioning campaign, people have been egregiously deceived about the nature and effect of the mRNA treatments and coerced into agreeing to be injected with substances in what may not their best ever decision. While there is some debate as to whether the SARS-COV19 virus is a bioweapon—and even whether such a thing as this virus has actually been proven to exist—the evidence of many well qualified leading scientists (including Geert vanden Bossche, Dr Andrew Wakefield, Dr Micheal Yeadon and Professor Sucharit Bhakdi to name just a few) indicates that the vaccines themselves are problematic—and, even bioweapons in their own right. Certainly, the mounting evidence is that in spite of what the authorities would have us believe,  these treatments are neither safe nor effective. In fact, while the covid death tolls appear to be completely fraudulent, the reported deaths from these ‘trust the science’ continue to mount, so that as at 12 Nov 2021, the US VAERS system alone currently records over 17,000 deaths; 26,199 permanent disabilities; 18,924 life threatening events; and 575 birth defects. Based on previous analysis by researchers of VAERS reporting, these numbers (as manipulated as whistleblower evidence indicates they have been) are estimated to represent only 1-10% of the underlying reality. Added to this, as we move from the initial two shots into third and forth shots and even predictions of annual or six monthly shots for life, it is apparent that the treatments are also not even effective at preventing infection or transmission. This fact is amply demonstrated by the very high numbers of breakthrough cases that have arisen firstly in highly vaccinated nations like Israel and now elsewhere across many nations as vaccinated rates have increased above 50%.

As it stands, a growing body of evidence now shows that natural immunity is vastly superior to any immunity that might be conveyed by these gene treatments. The mRNA technology used in these treatments is engineered to cause the human cells to produce the spike protein—which is apparently only one of some 20 or more proteins said to form the shell of the SARS-CoV-2 virus purported to cause the disease. Studies have shown that this spike protein is an active pathogen in its own right in that whether produced by a virus or caused to be introduced into the body by other means—such as being injected or caused to be manifested by the body’s own cells. With this in mind, it is unquestionably problematic that the mRNA treatments cause the human body to produce a toxin—the spike protein—so that the body’s immune system will create antibodies to that protein and mount an attack against it. It appears that in mounting this attack, the antibodies naturally target the cells producing the spike protein and kill them—meaning that these mRNA treatments set up the conditions for a form of auto-immune disease. Adding to this effect, studies have shown that rather being confined to the injection site, the mRNA and spike proteins have been found to spread through out the carido-vascular system and penetrate into organs such as the heart, brain, ovaries and testes to mention just a few. Evidently, and as pointed out by many well respected scientists in the field—such as Dr Robert Malone, who invented the mRNA technology—this is what is causing the blood clots, strokes, myocarditis and pericarditis, neurological damage like paralysis and Bell’s palsy, and the mounting evidence of spontaneous abortions and birth defects, among many other effects documented in VAERS and the UK Yellow Card system. Reports show that the incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis especially affects young males and this is supported by recent disturbing reports of some 75 athletes dying of heart issues across Europe. Added to these immediate effects, the evidence of pathologists—such as Dr Ryan Coleman—is that these ‘vaccines’ are associated with damage to the immune system so that there is a growing rise of rare cancers being observed in forensic laboratories.

Notably, these mRNA treatments have not been subject to any long term studies. Apparently, after these treatments having being designed and created in a record two or so months, the trial stages conducted in 2020 merely set out to establish whether there would be effective in reducing moderate symptoms of COVID-19 in healthy individuals—symptoms by the ways which were indistinguishable from those of a common cold or flu. Notably, these symptoms were only attributed to COVID-19 on the basis of the flawed and fraudulently constructed PCR test, which was based on the now discredited paper by Professor Dr. Christian Drosten. There was no attempt in these studies to establish whether they would or could reduce infectivity or viral transmission and none of these studies made any attempt to establish the impacts on fertility, interactions with other drugs or vaccines, interactions with other conditions, affects on cancer or anything else. Their so called 90-95% efficacy was a relative reduction of symptoms, but the absolute efficacy across all test subjects was only 0.8-1.2% (i.e. the absolute reduction in risk of getting mild symptoms of the disease). There is a quite good report in Forbes dated in late 2020 that shows how these studies were designed to succeed—yes, yet another fraud. Finally, these treatments are still in the trial phase with these trials due to be completed in early 2023—still many years early, given the 10-12 year trail period historically used to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of such things. 

Given the above, both my wife and I are adamant that neither of us will ever willingly subject ourselves to the mRNA injections or any the other similar treatments being passed off as vaccines. And, as explained above, we believe we have very good reasons for taking this stance. Likewise, we do not social distance, check in to any venues and we don’t mask—all of these measures being based on pure pseudoscience promoted through motivated propaganda and manipulative behavioural conditioning designed to separate people, set them against each other and promote compliant servile behaviours in the brainwashed population—just like in Bolshevik Russia and Nazi Germany. No, our opposition is not ‘well meaning but deluded’ and we are not ‘vaccine hesitant’. Like a great many of the protesters who have turned out in cities across the world on this weekend and on past weekends to demonstrate their feelings on the matter, we are informed and committed opponents of this evil elite-led plan for global domination and what appears may turn out to be a plot to genocide or injure millions.

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