Vaccine hesitant or justified skeptic?

The following comments were originally posted on an article “Morrison’s over-hyping of vaccine delivery” by Jack Waterford. The comment was removed by the moderator under the justification of “spam”. The text has been amended for clarity and few points have been added in response to some helpful comments by a social media contact.

It is disappointing to see the easy dismissal of the opinions and views of a group of people that the author admits is now “perhaps a quarter of the population”. To blithely assume that such a vast number of people have no foundation for their skepticism and opposition to vaccines is arrogant in the extreme.

In fact, if you take the time to explore what many of these people have to say, you will find that many of those “hesitant” or “resistant” or “anti-” appear to have very sound reasons for the opinions they hold and in many cases have researched both the purported efficacy, the reported side effects and injuries, the corruption of both regulatory bodies and the standards and methods used to approve vaccines, and the apparently common use of ghost-written scientific papers designed to support the so called “science” of the industry’s assertions of both efficacy and safety. Added to which, there is the evident failure by the regulatory bodies to conduct independent studies to verify industry claims, rather these bodies rely on the studies commissioned by the industry itself. Who could possibly consider there is adequate or prudent assurance of safety when the companies that stand to gain financially are conducting the safety studies themselves and these are then being rubber stamped by regulators that are staffed by people who move back and forth between the same industry players?

Many of the people among the so called “vaccine hesitant” cite a growing body of work and opinion from experts in virology and epidemiology who have expressed serious concerns about the wisdom of both the current lockdown strategies and of mass vaccination of the population with largely untested, experimental vaccine technologies. These experts have cited serious issues with the current vaccines through well known mechanisms such as antibody-dependent enhancement, pathogenic priming (this killed all subjects in a number of prior animal studies of this technology) and vaccine breakout (see recent video with Geert Vanden Bossche), none of which have been discussed with the public. Other cited possible effects of these vaccines include permanent sterility and cancer (unknown effects on the normal mRNA). Additionally, it is difficult to escape the blindingly obvious conclusion that there has been no long term testing of any of these new vaccines, this includes testing for any of the above effects as well as the possibility of interactions with pharmaceuticals and other vaccines. Notably, the companies and people involved in the production and marketing of these potentially lethal products will bear no financial liability if they cause harm.

These facts alone should give rise to serious doubts in the mind of any person even slightly concerned about protecting their heath. In fact, the vaccines have all been passed through under an Emergency Use Authorisation because they are still in the trial phases – trials which are not due to be completed until 2023. With these vaccines still in trial phase, the current rollout places all recipients of the vaccine in the position of being participants in an uncontrolled medical experiment — something they need to be made aware of and given the opportunity for proper formal informed consent (see Nuremberg Code).

The fact that these vaccines do indeed carry significant and potentially fatal risks is supported in both anecdotal reports coming out of a number of countries and the reported vaccines injury statistics provided by both the UK and US governments. In the UK, the Yellow Card statistics show hundreds dead already (as at 28 March 2021, a total of 713 comprising 283 Pfizer, 421 AstraZeneca and 9 brand unspecified) and over 400,000 reported injuries including heart attacks, blood clots, blindness, and neurological damage such as paralysis.

When faced with a collection of talking heads (most politicians being almost exclusively corrupt and known liars by definition) and pharma propagandists all saying “trust us”, anyone with a shred of common sense might want to take pause and look deeper. Skepticism is a life skill, not one to be disparaged and dismissed – and given the chances of death for most people from this virus are much the same as the flu – a skill that could avoid un-necessary and unjustified nasty side effects and even death.

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