A Conspiracy Theory, Part II

Part I of this article sets out the background to the discourses surrounding the terms “Conspiracy Theorist” and “Truther” as rhetorical devices to negatively position narratives that expose and oppose official narratives about egregious governmental conspiracies and activities. The article then looked at the works of Zbigniew Brzezinski as a flawed but active roadmap for a US based global hegemony as a conspiracy to dominate and reshape the world. 

So, the elements of my Conspiracy Theory of the current state of the world are as follows:

  1. Elements of the US government have conspired to develop and deploy a geopolitical plan to hegemonically dominate the world by illegally invading and destabilising a succession of nations through warfare, use of terrorism and political subversion.
  2. That these same elements mask their illegal and genocidal activities through the control of the media narrative and use of rhetorical smear devices such as labelling those who seek to expose them as “Conspiracy Theorists” and “Truthers”.
  3. That academics and corporate owned media reporters and editors are afraid to be seen to be exploring explanations outside of the official narrative for fear of their academic, career and professional standings (refer Chomsky’s propaganda model) — effectively becoming co-conspirators.
  4. That even when substantive proof casting doubt on official narratives is presented, these alternatives are suppressed or discredited by the mechanisms above and by linking them to obviously deranged beliefs about events such as the moon landings or flat earth theories.
  5. That those who present proof of genuine conspiracies and illegal governmental behaviour are persecuted, smeared, misrepresented and discredited, or simply suppressed through mandated censorship—but, more often through media and academic self-censorship as per 3 above.
  6. That those who see themselves as the guardians of this hegemonic project have zero concern for the human consequences of their actions and callously deal with the lives and livelihoods of millions of people as mere inconsequential costs of achieving their geopolitical goals.
  7. That these hegemonic guardians believe that it is necessary to lie to the world to advance their program, so that wars are often (usually?) sold to the public based on contrived falsehoods and false flag operations.
  8. That the underlying motivation for this hegemonic program is not the spread of freedom or democracy or advancing human welfare across the planet, but rather personal enrichment of a few through the forcible acquisition and control of resources.
  9. That the so called “War on Terror” provides a useful framework to advance this hegemonic program under which terrorists are created, trained and deployed by the US or its proxies and then used as a pretext to position occupying forces in the target nations.
  10. That the “War on Terror” also provides the justification for expansion of domestic spying programs, increased militarisation of police and diminished rights to protest, to suppress domestic dissent against the hegemonic project itself and the socio-economic consequences of reduced social spending and increasing social inequality.
  11. That the intelligence agencies of the FVEYs nations have conspired to establish a transnational system of communications intercepts and data retention and analysis capabilities that are used to support the hegemonic project under the guise of combating terrorism and countering malign foreign influences.
  12. That these FVEY intelligence agencies serve the economic and commercial interests of multinational corporations and powerful elites rather than the interests of the citizens of their nations, using the information gained to influence and discipline domestic political institutions and entities, as well as infiltrating and subverting dissident and activist movements within their respective nations.
  13. That rather than creating and supporting effective democratic institutions in third world nations, the US and allies install weak greedy puppet leaders who are easily encouraged to borrow money to buy weapons and subsidise the activities of multinational corporations in the exploitation of their national resources.  
  14. That the sovereign debts incurred under 13 are used to institute a form of national debt slavery in which the surpluses of the nation are progressively diverted from social programs and genuine economic development to the servicing of loan and interest payments. That eventual default is used to institute austerity programs and asset stripping initiatives under the overview of subverted international agencies such as the IMF and World Bank.
  15. That under such austerity programs the traditional self-sustaining agricultural base of developing nations is actively destroyed through the removal of trade restrictions allowing a flood of (often subsidised) cheap food imports from the US and others. The consequences of this being a progressive abandonment of traditional lands which are given over to multinational corporate controlled and owned mono-culture industries.
  16. That the corporates involved in 15 act through the corrupt leaders of the nations to eliminate environmental and labour protections to fully exploit the resources of the subject nation. This results in environmental degradation and reduced wage rates poor health and safety practices compared to western nations. Rural people displaced by poverty and land thefts flood to the cities and are used as a pool of cheap labour for the offshoring of jobs in first world nations. 
  17. That legitimate domestic resistance to the programs described in items 14 to 16 is amplified using terrorist proxies and used to sell further weapons expanding debt even more, while providing a pretext for the establishment of military bases and advisors (see also 9 and 10 above) who then direct and control the population pacification project using terror tactics (including the use of wholesale systems of torture, rape and murder) originally developed by the CIA in its nefarious activities against the people of places such as Vietnam.
  18. That people who seek to escape from the poverty, oppression and violence created by these hegemonic activities are intentionally cast as unworthy “economic” migrants and rejected by the nations responsible for their situation through their active collusion in the hegemonic program.
  19. That rejection of refuges under 18 is supported by propaganda programs aimed at instilling fear in western populations, while blaming the migrants for their situation and establishing them as a threat based on perceived religious and cultural differences or deficiencies—further supporting the security and intelligence gathering measures and erosions of freedom instituted under the auspices of the phoney “War on Terror”.
  20. That nations who mount an effective resistance to the hegemonic program, or who seem to provide a viable alternative economic system less readily exploitable by the corporate and elite interests served by the hegemonic program, are additionally subjected to economic warfare in the form of sanctions disguised as humanitarian interventions directed against the citizenry, such as limiting food imports and essential medical supplies and restricting travel and tourism income (overtly through travel bans, covertly through propaganda disinformation campaigns and occasionally through terrorist acts against travellers).

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