Six women challenging the world order right now

Being a New Zealander, the role of women as equal and active participants in civic affairs is not a unsurprising to me—New Zealand was the first country in the world where women achieved universal suffrage (in 1893). Only twenty years ago, New Zealand was the first country in the world to have the five highest offices of power simultaneously held by women, with the Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II of New Zealand, Governor-General Silvia Cartwright, Prime Minister Helen Clark, Speaker of the New Zealand House of Representatives Margaret Wilson and Chief Justice Sian Elias. In 2017, the country has just elected the dynamic and articulate 37 year old Jacinda Ardern as its third female Prime Minister.

Against this background, it is not a huge shock to me that the advance of women in the public sphere has been a notable aspect of the modern international resistance to the chaos that has been unleashed upon the world in the 21st Century. Rather, I find it encouraging that so many strong, highly motivated women seem to be taking a lead in exposing the corruption and moral bankruptcy of the political and corporate so-called “leaders” that front the criminal elites. Elites, who for their own greed and lust for power, have taken the world into seemingly endless wars, poverty and starvation for millions, a global environmental catastrophe and, perhaps even, our ultimate extinction as a species.

So, I would like to tell you about six women who have been an inspiration to me in my own personal journey to make sense of what is happening around us, who is responsible for the situation in which we find ourselves and, just perhaps, what we can do about it.

Naomi Klein

As I have mentioned in the first article on this weblog,  I first came across Naomi Klein through her 2007 book The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, which documents the rise and spread of the neoliberal economic project using shock and awe techniques to suppress popular resistance. Naomi’s insights illuminate how since the 1950’s a succession of civil societies have taken over by exploiting and creating disasters so as to allow their democratic institutions to supplanted and their civil institutions to be taken over by corporate interests. Naomi has since gone on to considering how responses to climate change are impacted by economic and political forces through her 2014 book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate.

Personal website:  Twitter: @NaomiAKlein

Abby Martin

Abby is a passionate and highly articulate American journalist who is currently presenter of The Empire Files, an investigative news program on the satellite network teleSUR English and YouTube. Before that she was a correspondent for RT America and fronted Breaking the Set, a regular program on the channel. Her prodigious catalogue of interviews and investigative programmes includes recent investigative work covering the context for the events in Columbia and Venezuela, the Venezuelan referendum and elections and events in the Middle East—such as her recent investigation in Israel Everyday Israelis Express Support for Genocide to Abby, where she spoke to ordinary Israelis about their attitudes to the Palestinians and the problems they posed. Her ability to speak ordinary people and experts alike allows them to tell the story as they see it to provide a critical non-mainstream window on events.

Personal website:   Twitter: @AbbyMartin

Sibel Edmonds

Reading Sibel Edmonds’ book, Classified Woman, was my first introduction to her extraordinary career and work firstly in exposing the culture of corruption within US governmental agencies and then the investigative work she has done through her weblog Boiling Frogs Post and, more latterly, setting up and leading the alternative news website, Newsbud. Apart from the experiences and contacts within the intelligence community, for me Sibel’s real contribution is in bringing together a team of people within the Newsbud framework who provide independent analysis of world events—people such as Prof. Filip Kovacevic (Russian Newspapers Monitor), John W Whitehead (Battlefield America), Kurt Nimmo (The Geopolitical Report), and Peter Lee (China Watch, Asia Brief). In recent weeks, Sibel has fronted a series of expose‘s on the Fethullah Gulen, his global network of charter schools and his links to the CIA, FBI and Robert Mueller—who, paradoxically, is leading the attack on the Trump presidency by targeting ex-National Security Advisor Gen Michael Flynn.

Personal website:   Twitter: @sibeledmonds

Suzi Dawson

Perhaps the best introduction to Suzie Dawson—journalist, exile and Leader of the Internet Party of New Zealand—is provided in her YouTube video Diary of a Person of Interest – by Kiwi journalist & FBI target about how she got to be exiled in Russia from her native country of New Zealand. Obviously, being an activist journalist has its price and Suzi seems to be paying for her keen observation and analytic skill in uncovering the workings of the intelligence communities through their activities in New Zealand as a part of the Five Eyes arrangements and, more lately, her deep diving examination of  the Snowden files. She has recently described her article Understanding World War III as one of her best. In a radical democratisation of investigative journalism, Suzi has recently started working on the Snowden files in real time with interactive comments and feedback from a global audience —see the Decipher You – Analysing the Snowden SIDToday Files series on her YouTube channel.

Websites , and   Twitter:  @Suzi3D

Eva Bartlett

Canadian activist and freelance journalist, Eva Bartlett, has since 2007 been writing from and on issues in the Middle East, mainly occupied Palestine and, in recent years, Syria. She is described as anti-Zionist, anti-imperialist and pro-justice. Eva has documented crimes by the State of Israel and Israeli settlers against Palestinian people and her work in Syria has been instrumental in revealing and countering the anti-Syrian propaganda produced by the many terrorist proxies and their paymasters—Saudi, US, British and so on.

In her own words:

“Going to Syria was something I felt the need to do—as should any person capable of doing so—in order to see and hear directly for myself what Syrians actually have to say about the fake ‘revolution’ and the hell they have been living since its inception in 2011. As with being in Palestine under Zionist bombs and attacks, being in Syria under attacks of the NATO and allied terrorists, one doesn’t think of fear and one takes strength from the people defying these attacks and somehow continuing their beautiful traditions, living, marrying, resisting the Saudi death cultists by celebrating life even amidst war.” Source:

Websites: and   Twitter: @EvaKBartlett

Vanessa Beeley

British investigative journalist, Vanessa Beeley, is also focused on the Middle East and has in recent times reported on events in Syria, including how some 600,000 people moved from East to West Aleppo to take refuge when the NATO-backed rebels attacked the city in 2012. She is a contributor to 21WIRE, a member of the Steering Committee of the Syria Solidarity Movement and a volunteer with the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine. Her Sept 2017 article Investigation: White Helmets Committing Acts Of Terror Across Syria reveals the much-lauded White Helmets civil defence organisation (subject of a Hollywood movie, mentioned for a Nobel Peace Prize and funded by the US, Britain and others to the tune of $100 million) as little more than a PR front for the Al Nusra terrorist organisation.

Brent Budowsky: We can witness day by day dead babies by dead babies. You can watch the CNN, the BBC, any other television station. The point is – the killing, the bombings of civilians must stop. The dead children and babies is a moral outrage against humanity.

Vanessa Beeley: Can I ask one question? Where are these sources being able to transmit this information from? Because in East Aleppo there is no 3G, there is no wi-fi, there is no electricity. So I’d like to know how these sources are able to get this information via Skype connection to organizations – I’ll use that term loosely – like CNN, BBC, Channel 4. I would very much like to know how they achieve it and how there’re able to do that in East Aleppo. Unlike the corporate mainstream media, I have been in East Aleppo for the last three days, therefore, I’m giving you eyewitness testimony unlike your mainstream media that has not been there and relies upon spurious activists – like the White Helmets, who are funded by every single nation that has a vested and declared interest in regime change in Syria. That is your reliable source. Or perhaps the ‘Aleppo Media Center’ – French Foreign Office funded…


Personal website:   Twitter:  @VanessaBeeley

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